Sunday, September 28, 2014

Notes on upgrading Openshift Origin PHP Cartridge from v 0.08 to v 0.20

I am currently running OpenShift Origin  V3 platform on a CentOS/RHEL 6.5, but needs PHP 5.4 support. The problem is, PHP cartridge in v0.08 only supports the original PHP version that cames with the OS, which is PHP 5.3.
Other people using Fedora might be able to use PHP 5.5 even with v0.08 version of the PHP cartridge.

The steps to install Origin V4 cartridge (cartridge version 0.20 in manifest.yml / in rpm spec) is (if you have no idea what these means, then you really shouldn't try them) :

  • download the PHP cartridge from Origin V4 rpm repository
  • erase the previous PHP cartridge using yum (yum erase ...)
  • install the new PHP cartridge using rpm (rpm -i ....)
  • install the new PHP cartridge using oo-admin-cartridge (oo-admin-cartridge -a install -s ...)
  • restart the mcollective on the node server (service ruby193-mcollective restart)
  • repeat these process on all nodes
  • clear caches on broker server (/usr/sbin/oo-admin-broker-cache --console)

However, as someone warned me before, this is not recommended because some of the differences from V3 Origin with V4 Origin platform. Most notable are :

  • use of logshifter for logs. we need to install logshifter rpm from Origin V4 in all of the nodes.
  • logshifter moves the php logs to syslog (which writes to  /var/log/messages, I think), except when we configure a default /etc/openshift/logshifter.conf that says otherwise. I create mine from this file.
  • the app-root/logs need to be created in every new gears. See the github commit about "Port cartridges to use logshifter", especially changes in  node/lib/openshift-origin-node/model/application_container_ext/setup.rb. Locate the file in your node and update it.
  • the php control script uses new server status function, the cartridge_sdk/bash/sdk file must be updated. See this github commit about "Making apache server-status optional with a marker". Similar to before, locate the sdk file and edit it.
I haven't tried to upgrade existing gears. So far I only succeded in creating new apps with the new cartridge.

In summary, someone weren't kidding if they said that the only way we could upgrade an openshift platform installation from V3 to V4 is if we know about the changes between the two releases.

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