Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Skills Statistics

There is always a concern of skill shortage when we try to decide which platform of choice we're going to use to develop internal applications.
Well, maybe we could see what kind of skills is up for sale at :
Some thing we could try to relate from this list :
Popularity of programming languages : 1. PHP with 11 thousand freelancers, 2. .NET with 8 thousand, 3.Java with 8 thousand freelancers. ASP.NET ranks further below (5 thousand freelancers), as a web development platform its ranking is not as favorable as PHP (another popular web development platform). I assume that .NET skill means client-server WinForms skill. Further down is J2EE which somehow as popular as Visual Basic (we know how popular VB are in the real world.. )
Strange enough, there is no Oracle skilled freelancers open for hire, despite MySql as 1st place popular database and SQL Server as 2nd popular database skill.
Operating System skills : Windows as 1st place with 4 thousand freelancers, but it is not that far with Linux with 3 thousand freelancers.

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