Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What? No delete event in Liferay Social Office?

A strange thing indeed, for some company to release a beta software which is not functionally complete. I always thought that a beta software is fully functional but without a production-grade stability. Of course, the software industry has its historical anti-example such as QuarkXpress (3.3 or 4, I forgot) which had an alpha release, beta release, and gamma release, before the true 'Release'.
Liferay Social Office is a simplification of Liferay Portal, configured for optimum social interaction, and in my opinion, knowledge sharing and management. What they really do is rewrite some GUI codes so the resulting UI is not too complicated to master. But here lies the catch. You could create a new Calendar Event, but there is no user interface from where you could delete the event.
Someone posted the question to Liferay's forums, and the question was answered with something like
.. er.. we would include the delete functionality in the next release ..
That is not an acceptable answer for me, because we were trying to use this Social Office for one of our client departments. So, for the meantime, I must be content with adding these lines :
<c:if test="<%= CalEventPermission.contains(permissionChecker, event, ActionKeys.DELETE) %>">
<portlet:actionURL windowState="<%= WindowState.MAXIMIZED.toString() %>" var="deleteURL">
<portlet:param name="struts_action" value="/calendar/edit_event" />
<portlet:param name="<%= Constants.CMD %>" value="<%= Constants.DELETE %>" />
<portlet:param name="redirect" value="<%= redirect %>" />
<portlet:param name="eventId" value="<%= String.valueOf(event.getEventId()) %>" />
<liferay-ui:icon-delete url="<%= deleteURL %>" />

into the webapps/ROOT/html/portlet/calendar/view_event.jsp.


Bryan Cheung said...
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Bryan Cheung said...

Hi Yudhi,

Very sorry about that. We'll try to improve the release process in the future. We should have labeled it something other than "beta" so as not to confuse things. In fact there are a number of new features we're working on besides the delete button, so there will be further product evolution. But the added functionality should be compelling.

I think we were thinking more along the lines of the Web 2.0 "beta" nomenclature (think Flickr, GMail). These products added new features over time. But certainly a key difference is that those are web-based SaaS-style apps, whereas Social Office is behind the firewall.

Are there other features you would want to see make it in to the final release?

Lance said...

stop your complaining... it is BETA! Google is the one that is screwing around with the term Beta, not liferay!

Yudhi Widyatama said...

Ok, maybe I had a different definition on the term beta.. :) It is one of the things that not really defined in a strict way. I am sorry if someone got offended by my complaining ..