VMWare - Troubleshooting

This page notes links to VMWare troubleshooting guides.

If your VM experiences time drifts, see Timekeeping best practices for Linux guests (1006427) 
In short : for RHEL 4.x - 5.3, there are recommendations for kernel parameters, follow those. Enable NTP, but disable Undisciplined Local Clock, and add tinker panic 0 in ntp.conf

If the VM not responding, first note is : Troubleshooting a VM that has stopped responding (1007819)

On difficult cases, we may need to somehow Crashing a virtual machine on ESX/ESXi to collect diagnostic information (2005715)
In short :
  • Go to File > Export > Export System Logs.
  • Select the system log manifest group HungVM and the option Gather performance data

  • or
  • Select vCenter from left panel. 
  • Select VMs and Templates.
  • Right-click Virtual machine > All vCenter Actions > Export Diagnostic Data
  • Select HungVM and Click Generate Log Bundle.

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