Thursday, December 3, 2009

FOSS.IN 2009

Its my third day attending the Free and Open Source Software India Conference (FOSS.IN) in Bangalore.
This is my third international event I'm attending, but it also my first international event I'm attending in about.. 10 years :) The first and the second were SEARCC Computer Competition (1996) in Bangkok and IOI 1996 in Hungary.
For us Indonesians, the climate is very much like at home. The food, is on other hand, very foreign tasting. Our hope on tasting familiar food lies on KFC and McDonald's at the Mall named 'The Forum' nearby. Today I tried the food, but I don't think I would dare to eat such food anymore. I raise my hat to the Europeans who faithfully eats the lunch given in the place :)
One problem occured to me is that I couldn't find a place to charge my laptop in an easy way. Further observation revealed, there are few plugs in front of the first row in each Auditorium, which are almost always full. But today I found that there is an extension chord in the floor near the first row, which now I blissfully plugged in my charger.
The conference opened my eyes that Indian people were significantly more involved in FOSS projects than Indonesians. Their Indians, although some with limited English, seems very interested and some has significant involvement in several FOSS projects, if not pioneering one or two such projects.
'm still attending some of the talks now.. so thats all for now.